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The complete range of Newfren brake pads is composed by 19 different compounds. Organic and sintered have been developed to answer to the latest rules to offer the performance according to the needs. The brake shoes range is composed by 3 different compounds. Standard the historical and well known one, FTR water-proof and PRO RACE the new born.

Newfren brake discs are produced with AISI 420 heat-treated steel. The discs are either molded or laser-cut depending on the type of disc and the production requirements. We pay a lot of attention to the surface finish of the product. The minimal tolerance given to the parallelism of the rotor assures the perfect rotation of the wheel, avoiding annoying vibrations. Braking will be responsive and progressive.
Optimum performance is attained by pairing the disc with Newfren brake pads which are available in organic and sintered compounds.
The production process: Laser-cut or molded -> vacuum heat-treatment -> protective painting -> polishing